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The number one mortality cause in childhood cancer patients of the Colombian Atlantic Coast is the abandonment of the treatment. This is triggered by the numerous barriers that hinder the access to the hospitals where families and their children attend for medical procedures.


Fundación Andrea y Vanessa is a private, independent and non profit organization that aims to eliminate these obstacles and fulfill the needs of these deprived populations.   We offer lodging, food and transportation at no cost to families with low incomes during this hard process.


Only with your help we will be able to succeed with this social initiative and make sure that more children have a chance to get cured. 



Every day we look after the wellbeing of sick children, Read more about our purpose and reason of being.

We come up with constant initiatives that help us collect funds to support these families.

Find out about our events and activities.

We stand thanks to the contributions of individuals and private entities.

Learn about ways to help and reach out to make a difference. 

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